Steam Locomotives

The year that Continental Fabricators was established, 1903, was during a period in the United States when the steam locomotive was king. The newfangled automobile hadn't taken hold yet, so if you wanted to travel the country, you either rode a horse or took a steam locomotive.

As a union Boilermaker shop, our history is tied to the steam locomotive industry, and we are proud to say that we continue to honor that tradition today, albeit in a slightly different way.

We now make parts, repair and restore existing boilers, and we are the only ASME Code Stamp shop to fabricate a new all-welded locomotive boiler.


New Boilers

Whether if you're looking to purchase a new boiler or schedule repair service, Continental Fabricators can get the job done.



We provide refurbishment or replacement of all sizes of Steam Locomotive boilers.

We are proud to work with various museums, private investors, consultants, preservation groups and historical societies across the country. Links to some of these groups, as well as videos of some of our past and current projects can be found below.

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